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Friday, May 22, 2009 ♥ 6:07 AM


recently work has been stacking up and up lo! hope hols come soon. Luckily got music to cheer mi up haha.

Hope can say bye to "No Life" soon ... :(

recently not much time to learn new songs too.

ya, and jus rebonded hair again... now to count, tink its been a 1 and a half yr gap le lol.

Monday, May 11, 2009 ♥ 8:29 AM

Malaysia trip and singapore Hortpark outing!

our mini grp shot ^^

That day was last Sun. We took bus from JE to Malaysia.

at the custom, mi and my sis gt warned to change passport photos lo -_-"

Hehe... tis one all with specs lol! :P

We stayed in a rm for e whole dae, till end of "班", coz realli no space or rather chair outside le. den we went downstairs to have yummy buffet!


Went with fuo tang ppl to hortpark, before tt have to climb e long bridge across mount faber then reach. nice garden!

We had real fun camwhoring... long time since ive been out on outings le. ^^

Heng tis wk end i chiong finish my hmwk ttz due soon.

Pics time! (can c how crazy we are muahaahaahaa... ^^")

Nice angleshot! by yingting

[grp shots]

[To Be Continued...]

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Monday, May 4, 2009 ♥ 8:15 AM

Troublesome H1N1 influenza!

Haiz , coz of H1N1 influenza, everywhere u r accessing is troublesome... i dun meen in computer drives or websites of coz :P

Yest went to Malaysia by bus from Jurong East. Wow their bus feel so lousy compared to singapore's bus... feels old. :S

Wen reached there need to cross e wide drains and roads , scary! and sun was scorching hot ... arghx...

Woah when near reaching fuo tang outside still c dead rat in an alley. E place looks jus like in the fps game "Left 4 Dead"! (except for no zombies to watch out for :P)

finally reach fuo tang, gt aircon and the place so clean , thank god~! ^^
i was like phew!

and met our fellow frends there, and of coz best buddy sandy.

We chatted merrily etc, and went to a room which i at 1st tot we cant go in de, den realise tt rm onli for putting bags. -_-"

Took some photos and had fun together lo, long time no chat like tt le...
and lol we didnt go out to listen to em "讲班". (ahem... abit guilty sia)

Den went down had a buffet and took bus hm lo.

woah the bus so squeezy (1st time in my life ride such a jam packed bus!!!)

... woah (now den realise rote so much...)

when crossing e departure hall, still need to go past a machine for taking temp... and due to our photos in passports too differ, gt a warning to change photos and took some time too...

the whole journey back was like so rush! and tiring and warm...

reached hm, immediately went bath.

ok end of yest! lol ^^"

and todae!~ 4gt bring student card... heng today not compulsory yet , onli take temp...

mi and annie went to lib , realise need show e sticker prove tt u ok, den walk all e way down etc to auditorium take temp... -_-" carrying laptop somemore, tiring....

den went do motion graphic proj... had a slack and fun time as usual... went to class, hard time coping with doin e table in html codes... coz cher nvr realli teach, and others pace sooooooo fasssttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

gt our dreamweaver cs4 tutorial bk todae... woah tink use tt easier do all those siaoo codings lo...

ok tmr sians 8am start class, and sure morning take temp have to queue like hell... have to reach early to queue le >_<


by the way e photos we took at malaysia must wait for frend upload 1st, onli a little thou.

Thursday, April 30, 2009 ♥ 7:13 AM

QuiZ TiMe!!!

Hi all! quiz time! lol... guess how much is this?


  • haha looks yummy?

  • guess wad is it? ^^

  • AND WADS THIS BUG? (found it in nyp a few daes back)


  1. Personally I find it yuck
  2. Dun think that worth much
  3. Its the leftovers of pizza that we (annie and mi) ate




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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 ♥ 2:22 PM


yest jus had two presentations at one go. E 1st is for motion graphics, luckily we dun need to say much, coz shao yu take e lead. can't take it, coz cher kp saying tis and tt for almst all grps. :(

And many of them realli did lots of tings.

scared by next wk not in time to at least do some animations.

After that went for e web design lect.. arghx. cher said cant sit at the last two rows ( giving a lame excuse, neck pain if kp looking up high) so we jus move down to e 1st row. lol. coz others occupied.

I was thinking then, our neck oso pain in 1st row... coz hav to look up high. :(

Realli tired by e time lect finishes...

Omg next principles of games, presentation time... T.T

I'm e 1st on e register (1st time in mt life) tis yr. So 1st person to present is oso mi of coz.

Actually went I went up its not tt scary , coz to c e screen, cher dim and off e front rows' lightings. And use mic. (at least someting to hold on to)

Surpisingly quite ok, haha phew... :) Thx to Hazel and our edwiana too , coz they kp smiling and realli calms my nerves haha.

eh? haven ask em y in our class? ... lol

anyway yest presented on The Mario Series. and truout , found tt theres 4 person in total including me all presented Mario too. But realise all focused on different aspects heng... doesnt gt too boring. lucky i'm e 1st now :P

Near the class ends, we have to make use of our surroundings and anyting we have to create a game. Have to form in grps of 4 or 5. Coz shao yu and annie are classmates last yr, more close. I jus move over to Nigel, yanling, and jean's grp, coz they are my past yrs classmates too... We created a game quite fast. but jean and yanling at 1st dun agree wif certain aspects, and came up with some alternatives and "add-ons" ideas. So nigel and mi ok wif it jus agreed le. Anyway by the time class ends, cher said we go hme and prepare 1st.

Gd... now have time to print e paper and set e "map" etc...

Hmwk! so much by now,

  • pixel art

  • drawing (drapery)

  • 3d model (elephant)

  • motion graphics (have to redo half storyboard)

  • webdesign ( wordpress blog qns, and do exercises)

esp webdesign ! so blur abt it. LIHUI! gona seek help from u le... dun decline pls! anyway if asking u , is oso quite basics de, u shld be no prob de. ^^"

Hope u ok to help thx!!!

ok I'll END OFF wif a MARIO! lol

Friday, April 24, 2009 ♥ 9:02 AM

!st wk of 2nd yr!

Omg conclusion of 1 wk of 2nd yr sch starts:

-Hmwk ,hmwk + hmwk!!!!!
-vexed (bout lots stuff)
-warm weather , hate it

anyway this few daes didnt realli make new frends... :(

miss our class le

Saturday, April 18, 2009 ♥ 8:56 AM

omg schs starting soon!

hmm, schs starting sn...

half looking forward , but half abit nervous o.0

and have to spent 100 plus buy all e stuffs again...

not as much lecture as last yr, but i miss it thou,
coz cosy to slp :P


Have fun! omg every wk is stress thou!

Pixel Crazy- Stresss!!! [•ω•]

♥ gamezzz ♥ :P

Room made by mi in pixel art! ©

Chit Chat xD

I wish upon a star :]

Hope hmwk done soon!
get a Hard disk
More time!

Escaping :X


郭采洁 笨的可以