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Friday, July 18, 2008 ♥ 9:27 AM

BuSy Day As ExpEcTed!

Today, woke late, and when I jus hit the shut down key, it shows"update 1 of 2..." omg... wait till a "while" den i' able to off my laptop and kp it. Sry to make u wait Annie! :P (Heard that she played ds while waiting for mi till the batt of ds is used up...)

Went to take our graduation cert, e security guard said that our graduation cert is so large tt it looks like we are goin for a speech ... LOLX XP

Recieved sms from Hazel on train and shocked... i coult never do that, they jus ran 10 rounds on e track... if its jus jogging on e running track, I'm still ok... but that... eto... 4gt abt it :P

Went to eat with ms worm and gang, haha, wad a big appetite annie has... eating 4 breads with butter and kaya at kfc, huiwen ate fruits? and wei hao ordered a beri big bowl of noodles, everyone seems hungry...

but I'm not , so jus bought two delicious eggtarts... treat it as titbits. ;) yummy!

Den went to vastr tutorial of coz... woah many ppl are doin colour theory... *duno wad e teacher is thinking* :P

heard tt e deadline is a few weeks later of coz we all heck care lo... hehe at e end sure last min panick :P...

Goin to Ngee Ann Poly after tt, coz my frend had free tickets to e Rynn Lin Yu Zhong campus concert.

Omg... Always "ERROR" in doin tings:

1st is left my graduation cert in mac lab! Luckily, Hazel called mi in time. haha thx mushroom. ;)

2nd is alight at jus a stop b4 np which meens alighted at SIM LOLX... took bus 184 btw.

Accompany her, wow long waiting queue to get in.

We waited for some time then 933 crew let us go in to get our seats in their lecture theatre 26.

Hmm... find tt in real life rynn lks much more nicer than tru media..

haha not taking of photos or video without a media pass? but many ppl still tk with their hps.

Nice singing! find tt he always gt the "energy" in singing.. and not fade of in and out like wad many other singers do. Some songs which i noe jus sing and sway along... new songs? nice but may nt have heard b4 till den.

WOW it ended in less dan a hour! but better. at least wont be too late to reach hm ;)

Ate dinner in jp and played arnd with laptop webcam with my best frend lihui ... haha...
hehe bang! shes killed! LOLX >.<

Busy but worth it day!

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