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Sunday, July 20, 2008 ♥ 7:43 AM

Fun time @ Causeway pt! ^^

wow morning... mum woke mi up so early! and last nite i 3.15am den slp.

Barely slpt for 2 hours! *yawn now...*

HuiCi kept askin mi wad i wearing to fuo tang this morning b3 goin, coz there is a diy cook lesson...

i wore e black collar shirt wif jeans and she and my sis kept calling mi "hei she hui" dun noe y they add a nonsensical "tany"
omg in a slpy mood went to fuotang, learned how to cook coconut rice, ah-cha (appetizer), potato balls, tom yam bee hoon, curry...

So hot in e kitchen, love to sneak back to e "living room" have some air-con and go to e kitchen again.

Ohno e nxt fuotang is our turn to cook these! :( i'm appointed as e leader of e grp in charge of coconut rice and ah-cha(cucumber, carrots plus vinegar). Hope i'm able to handle those tings on tt day... i dun even cook at hm lolx... :P
It may turn out to be a disaster!

Then after helping out in e chores (mopping 2nd floor) , we went to causeway point, played at timezone (arcade).

Love e game "TEKENG"! not sure if e spelling is rite... its basically a street fighter like game by capcom, hence it has hd graphics...
This time my turn to win Sandy most of the time haha ;)

Played hse of e dead 4 too... nice but when the at the event of the boss's occurence, we both jus lose our lives... lolx.

Went to popular read personality test etc. analysis in epop magazine.

Hui Ci said their parents called , so sandy and hui ci went hm 1st... a pity... :(

Nxt, accompanied younger sis to kiddy palace, cant help but admit tt the soft toys (esp baby pooh) r so cuddy and comfy! cute too... wen to take "elavator" to carpark up and down , following my sis and eating mac's ice cream cone.

Its been a long time since i've been so childish le...

Come to think of it am i crazy that day?! LOLz

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Have fun! omg every wk is stress thou!

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Hope hmwk done soon!
get a Hard disk
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