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Monday, July 21, 2008 ♥ 7:54 AM


omg.. today feel so slpy! and yet its raining! tot of stephanie sun's "tian hei hei" song... haha

literally slpt tru at from bus to mrt and to color theory!

haiz... so tiring coz always surf net till late den slp and early wake again to set off to sch... (AH! live so far away :( but gd tht its a gd learning environment and gt many gd frends! ;) )

Some of em went to buffet near nyp area too... heard tt they ate till FULL!!! lolx... haha

Wen back to jp waited for MeiXin with Annie at Macdnlds... annie ordered a pack of french fries large and i jus bought a vanila cone... yummy! i ate till m.x reach here! lolx... Annie kept saying that I had real gd patience.
As for her , shes jus like a hungry ghost (jkjk) still veri hungry! although i'm full le

Meixin came le... we started on helping her in her proj... somthing abt Singapore?
Glad that we r of some help to her haha... and gd shes not EmO anymore hurray! :)

We went to zone x played drums to pass off time coz xinns meeting her frend and haf to go at abt 5.45 lk this we still have a "long break".!

E drums are FUN Bt tirin for our hands lo... dong ciang dongdongdon ciang.... :P 1 play for 1.55
worth it! but at a few rounds almst failed... heng xinns help mi thx ya!

Annie is pro lo... of ALL rounds, till e last last song then i can win her haiz... but FUN!
A pity e tekeng (fighting game) in Star Factory located jus neighbouring zone x neither xinn nor annie wan play lo haiz...

nvm.. yest jus played haha...

we accompanied xinns to mrt and we walk in to eat our dinner again.... sure was lots of ppl along e way! squeezy... :(

Ate vege stall yummy, saw many ppl queuing up , yummy and cheap who dun wans? :P

wOW full to me... 4gt to ask Annie... tink she still not veri full bahx. Took bus hm... slpy again...

Home at last! ate mangos delicious~! :) a pity no durians... :(

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Have fun! omg every wk is stress thou!

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