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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 ♥ 2:22 PM


yest jus had two presentations at one go. E 1st is for motion graphics, luckily we dun need to say much, coz shao yu take e lead. can't take it, coz cher kp saying tis and tt for almst all grps. :(

And many of them realli did lots of tings.

scared by next wk not in time to at least do some animations.

After that went for e web design lect.. arghx. cher said cant sit at the last two rows ( giving a lame excuse, neck pain if kp looking up high) so we jus move down to e 1st row. lol. coz others occupied.

I was thinking then, our neck oso pain in 1st row... coz hav to look up high. :(

Realli tired by e time lect finishes...

Omg next principles of games, presentation time... T.T

I'm e 1st on e register (1st time in mt life) tis yr. So 1st person to present is oso mi of coz.

Actually went I went up its not tt scary , coz to c e screen, cher dim and off e front rows' lightings. And use mic. (at least someting to hold on to)

Surpisingly quite ok, haha phew... :) Thx to Hazel and our edwiana too , coz they kp smiling and realli calms my nerves haha.

eh? haven ask em y in our class? ... lol

anyway yest presented on The Mario Series. and truout , found tt theres 4 person in total including me all presented Mario too. But realise all focused on different aspects heng... doesnt gt too boring. lucky i'm e 1st now :P

Near the class ends, we have to make use of our surroundings and anyting we have to create a game. Have to form in grps of 4 or 5. Coz shao yu and annie are classmates last yr, more close. I jus move over to Nigel, yanling, and jean's grp, coz they are my past yrs classmates too... We created a game quite fast. but jean and yanling at 1st dun agree wif certain aspects, and came up with some alternatives and "add-ons" ideas. So nigel and mi ok wif it jus agreed le. Anyway by the time class ends, cher said we go hme and prepare 1st.

Gd... now have time to print e paper and set e "map" etc...

Hmwk! so much by now,

  • pixel art

  • drawing (drapery)

  • 3d model (elephant)

  • motion graphics (have to redo half storyboard)

  • webdesign ( wordpress blog qns, and do exercises)

esp webdesign ! so blur abt it. LIHUI! gona seek help from u le... dun decline pls! anyway if asking u , is oso quite basics de, u shld be no prob de. ^^"

Hope u ok to help thx!!!

ok I'll END OFF wif a MARIO! lol


Have fun! omg every wk is stress thou!

Pixel Crazy- Stresss!!! [•ω•]

♥ gamezzz ♥ :P

Room made by mi in pixel art! ©

Chit Chat xD

I wish upon a star :]

Hope hmwk done soon!
get a Hard disk
More time!

Escaping :X


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